It’s highly unlikely for anyone to say NO to a dessert.
For some people sweets are even their best friend when they’re feeling sad or stress.
Pufflets just opened recently for less than a year old to add the Melbourne dessert shops.

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Pokéd, Little Lonsdale

Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish that combines fresh fish, hot sushi rice and diced vegetables, I’d say it’s like having an opened sushi in the bowl.
The main idea of this store is to prove the fast food can also be healthy.
Poked adds the list of healthy bar shops to satisfy and conform to Melbournian healthy lifestyle.
The poke bar tucked pretty hidden in 551 Little Lonsdale Street, not in the main street but you need to walk inside the small alley.

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Miss Kasumi (Invite)

The restaurant stategically situated in the heart of Kew on High Street.
Though it’s newly opened couple months back, this contemporary Japanese restaurant has successfully impressed us through their food and customer service up to the professional standard.
We went there on the weekday and it was raining, not a good weather;
surprisingly the place was still busy, surely they’ve won Melbournians’ heart and neighbourhood.

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